Why Sugarcane?


Sugarcane is an ancient food, used in traditional cultures for its healing qualities. Fresh-pressed, raw sugarcane juice is nutritious & satisfying. It contains antioxidants, electrolytes, & amino acids, making it a great post-workout drink & immune booster. Sugarcane has a nutritional profile similar to wheatgrass - containing Chlorophyll, Iron, B Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, & Magnesium. It is rich in complex carbohydrates & very low in simple sugars - between 10-15%. It is low on the Glycemic Index - between 30 & 40, & may be well-tolerated by some diabetics. Our cane is grown on our family farm near Hilo, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We press it fresh & it undergoes no further pasteurization or processing, ensuring optimal nutrition.


Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is an ancient food, used by traditional societies as a medicine for millennia. We were gifted this variety of “healing” cane by an elder Hawaiian man who said that in the old days, this cane was used to treat illness in sick people.

The nutrition of sugarcane is similar to other grasses like wheatgrass, and it breaks down in your body similar to a grain or carbohydrate. Pure sugarcane juice is high in chlorophyll, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, potassium, antioxidants, and more. It is low on the glycemic index, while also rich in complex carbohydrates and low in simple sugars.

Full of electrolytes, sugarcane is a great way to rehydrate your body after strenuous workouts. Being alkaline in nature (8.9 ph), it could help the body fight cancer and improve kidney function. It has been found to be beneficial for preventing as well as treating sore throat, cold and flu. It's believed to strengthen the stomach, heart, eyes, brain, and sex organs.

Cane juice is refreshing, delicious, and good for you too!

To your health!

What are the Benefits of Low Glycemic Foods?

Sugarcane falls at 43 on the Glycemic Index

  • Low glycemic foods release glucose slowly, keeping your energy level balanced and feeling fuller longer between meals.
  • Low GI diets help people lose and manage their weight
  • Low GI diets increase the body's sensitivity to insulin
  • Low GI carbs improve diabetes management
  • Low GI carbs reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Low GI carbs improve blood cholesterol levels
  • Low GI carbs can help manage the symptoms of PCOS
  • Low GI carbs prolong physical endurance


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*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with a nutritionist if you have any questions.

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